Roof Ventilation

The Importance For Structural Integrity

Without solid and efficient roof ventilation, the structural integrity of a roofing system is compromised. As the moisture builds up in our attics, it’ll start moving to the roof, where it can cause rot. Luckily, a well-set-up vent system will ensure that we never have to worry about that.

Simply put, roof ventilation is a system of intake and exhaust pipes that encourages good airflow. It also improves the efficiency of our insulation and affects a house’s cooling and heating systems.


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What Is Roof Ventilation?

Why Do You Need Roof Ventilation?
The three most common types of roof vents include:
  • Ridge and soffit vents — These two work together to provide points of entry and exit for air and allow a house or building to breathe.
  • Gable vents — These vents prevent snow and moisture from entering a house, while helping stimulate airflow.
  • Attic fans — To keep things cool, attic vents draw out hot air from a house.

When we install a roof vent, we’ll effectively be controlling the moisture and humidity levels in our attic. If left unchecked, moisture can and will damage a roof’s substructure. Also, it can cause mildew and mold to develop, which in turn leads to a rotting roof deck and rusty nails.

At the same time, a vent will help regulate the temperature not just in the attic, but all around our house. Since the temperature’s now in check, we’ll have to waste less energy controlling it with other appliances, like ACs.

For starters, installing roof ventilation will help extend a roof’s life. For example, simply by stopping ice dams from forming on our roofs during the winter, they’ll remain much sturdier for a longer time. What’s more, installing roof vents will help reduce indoor temperature extremes.

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