Low Slope Roofing

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Roofs with a slope or pitch less than 3:12 are what we call low slope roofing systems. Their primary purpose is to withstand large amounts of standing water.

PVC and TPO are the most common materials used for constructing low slope roofs. These should enhance the roof’s functioning. Even better, with proper installation and regular maintenance, they can help it last for years to come!


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Benefits of Low Slope Roofing

The Challenges Of Installing A Low Slope Roof

Unsurprisingly, many clients choose to install low slope roofs because of their enhanced cooling and heating systems. The shape itself naturally allows for good air circulation!

Unfortunately, the angle of low slope roofs means that they will take more wear and tear due to their exposure to the elements. Thus, they will require regular maintenance, which might discourage potential customers.

However, regular care will help you avoid higher costs later on. At the very least, it will allow you to immediately attend to any issues that could pop up over the years due to harsh weather.

Finally, it’s good to know that these roofs are rather affordable and that their actual installation cost is lower due to their design. Besides, when coupled with quality drainage systems, low slope roofs could be an excellent financial decision. Proper drainage should help them hold out against harsh weather and reduce the likelihood of severe damage in the future.

Due to their angle, low slope roofs are more vulnerable than high-pitch roofs. This somewhat limits the range of materials we can use; not many of them can withstand extreme weather conditions at such a gentle angle.

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