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Below are a list of frequently asked questions regarding new roofs, roofing repairs, re-roofing, shingles, flat roofs, etc…

What is the difference between the grades of shingles?

The advantages of a heavier grade of shingles are more durability and wind ratings, up to 110 mph winds. The most commonly installed shingle is the 30 yr. shingle. However by adding a longer lasting shingle you benefit from the wind rating and longer lasting roof.  30yr. 40yr. or 50yr. shingle

What type of warranty does J & N Roofing Maintenance offer on there roofs?

We offer a GAF System Plus Warranty. The warranty includes: 50yr. Labor and Material Warranty Covered by the Manufacturer (On Defective Materials).  51yrs to Lifetime, Prorated Labor and Material Covered by Manufacturer on all GAF Architectural shingles.

Do I need to take off my current roof to install a new one?

Building codes say that you can have up to 2 layers of shingles. If your roof has plenty of pitch the current shingles have been installed smooth and our decking is in good shape you can be a good candidate to do an overlay.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

A.A basic re-cover could take up to 1-2 days to complete. Although re-roof with removal, decking and replacement could take approximately a week for an average size roof.

What is ice and water shield?

Ice and water shield is a waterproofing material that keeps moisture from getting under the shingles, from ice damming. The ice and water shield is installed 3ft. along eaves and 3ft the length of the valleys. Also around chimneys, swamp cooler ducting.

Can existing rain gutters be reused when re-roofing?

Yes. Some roof configurations will not require new rain gutter. Note that if the roof needs to be tore off and re-shingled it is recommended that the rain gutter be replaced.

What is the purpose of gauging the shingles at 5 ½ and hanging shingles over drip edge ¼ inch?

Shingles shrink over a period of time. When shingles are not gauged at 5 ½ inches in time they will shrink and nails will be exposed, which will cause leaking. The same goes for hanging shingles over drip edge ¼ inch, in time shingles will shrink causing drip edge to be exposed and it will cause leaking onto soffit.

Why is it important to install roof vents on my roof?

With improper ventilation shingle will not last the life of manufacture warranty. Having too much heat rising from inside your home to your roof caused shingles to burn up. Proper ventilation allows shingles to breath (which includes roof vents or ridge vents and soffit vents) and last the life of the shingle manufacture warranty.

What is the reason for installing metal vents and pipe flashing verses plastic vents and pipe flashing?

Plastic vents and pipe flashing crack in cold weather. Rubber based pipe flashing deteriorate, and then cause leaking.

How many nails do you install per shingle?

We install 5 to 6 nails depending on the area. If you are in a high wind area we would install 6 nails per shingle. It is also important where the nails are positioned. Manufacturer specification requires you to install the nails in the double layer section of the shingles.

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